Founded in 2009, Travel Learners is a family business that specialises in personalised travel experiences across the gorgeous country of South Africa. As our name suggests, we offer custom-made trips to match your area of interest, ensuring the perfect blend of learning and leisure. South Africa packs a solid punch – for a small country it is a concentrated microcosm of landscape and culture, and we relish showing visitors its delights.


We have well-established relationships with disadvantaged communities in South Africa and can provide you with a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact through volunteer work.

South Africa has a rich natural and political history. From fossils of the earth’s oldest life forms, dating back some 550 million years, to the struggle, in recent times, for freedom from the yoke of colonialism and apartheid.

From five-star cuisine and some of the world’s top restaurants in Cape Town to the local produce of the quaint farm-stalls on the Garden Route, South Africa has proven its culinary skills to the world.

It’s impossible to list all the choices you have, but with more than 24 000 plant species, incredible wildlife and epic landscapes, South Africa 
has something for everyone.

What our Clients Say

  • Karen - UK
    The team at Travel Learners were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and had it not been for them we would have spent days driving from one part of South Africa to the next as we had no idea of the distances involved. Thank you for an amazing trip, we hope to be back soon
    Karen - UK
  • Ellen - USA
    ’I would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for us while we were in South Africa. You were an essential part of making our trip so enjoyable. Your knowledge and experience in South Africa opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am thankful for that. We appreciated everything you did and I just wanted to thank you again!
    Ellen - USA
  • Bill - USA
    Thank you Liza and team for all you did for us and the people of South Africa.
    Bill - USA
  • Jeff and Michelle - USA

    I can't thank you enough, Liza, for everything you did for us on this trip from the beautiful accommodations to the cooking. It was also wonderful to have met John and Ade. How fortunate you are that they are your family.

    It was a trip of a lifetime!   

    Jeff and Michelle - USA
  • Cathy - USA

    My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all that you did to make us feel welcome, the amazing experiences that we had, and to make it possible to come to know and love the people we met and worked with in Alex.  I'll be unpacking what this all means for the rest of my life!

    Cathy - USA