Students Teachers Service Learning


Children opening gifts from US high school students

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg

Travellearners LLC prides itself with being goal oriented towards students teachers service learning.


The opportunity to immerse oneself in another culture and community is an experience of a lifetime. To work side by side sharing stories and learning about our commonalities brings new friends and therefore real meaning to our lives. Teaching and learning from each other encourages innovative thinking and brings new ideas to the way we work. New systems are formed from the inspiration we gain by applying our learning to our everyday lives. Helping others to reach their dreams, makes our own dreams seem more attainable. Team work and innovation are what we learn when we give our time and experience to others. Teaching and being open and receptive to learning is the cycle of life.


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Past Projects: Alex Projects , Kei Mouth, Ikageng, Sigiya Sonke Garden

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The Land Project

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