South Africa is rich in biodiversity. The foundation of this diversity is found in the wide range of differing landforms that were created millions of years ago as the earth’s crust was forming. From the splitting and colliding together of the southern tectonic plates that formed mountain ranges and which finally separated to form the southern continents- South America, Southern Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica.


From the inland Karoo Desert which was once an ancient sea bed, and is now home to many dinosaur fossils; to the dramatic landscapes as the escarpment of the interior drops down to the Indian Ocean on the eastern seaboard and to where the cold Atlantic coast meets the hottest desert in the world to the west.


South Africa’s natural beauty is stunning and astounding!


This trip will take you to see the extraordinary landscapes and landforms of South Africa as well as touching on the fascinating ecology that gives South Africa a unique edge in areas such as botany, biology, geology and wildlife.

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